About Our Company

Kunouz Group International was established in 2018 and began to develop with great success till possessing a significant factory with international standards for the manufacturing of cleaning essentials, cosmetics and hair care products.

About Us

More than 5 years of experience

Kunouz Group International boasts its factory and offices in Lebanon, specifically located in Dekwaneh, provides the best quality and services to all customers and consumers. We, at Kunouz Group International, work very hard to achieve all our goals for reaching a promising future. We are also keen to be loyal and are interested in providing our customers with high quality products consistently.

Our company has a family-friendly environment where every member of our family is an addition to the company's continued success and are credited yet responsible in reaching its goals.

In a short period of time, we have been able to spread widely throughout Lebanon, and we have been able to compete with the most important companies in this field by providing the best quality products with the best prices.

Our Mission

Since the launch of our company, our mission is to provide a family household with all its needs from house essentials, cosmetics, to hair and body care products. As Kunouz Group International, we aim to insure the full satisfaction of our consumers and strive to fulfil a mission of manufacturing a product with high standards and quality with prices suitable to reach all parts of the society and to all family homes. We work with devotion and commitment and believe that whoever consumes our products will eventually rely on us and will never consume any other brand. This is said as a small glimpse of the confidence we have of our brand. We promise that our journey to fulfil our mission will be a transparent, consistent, devoted and professional journey to reach all our goals and our anticipated success.

Our Vision

We as Kunouz Group International believe that achieving our anticipated goal is facile and shortly reachable. We aim to be consumed in all markets domestically and internationally. We are dedicated to insure the reach of our products to all households, beauty parlors, hair salons, pharmacies, dry-clean laundry services, hotels, restaurants and every establishment which are in use of our products. We also aim to provide work jobs for all society members and visualize that we grow as a family and be strongly structured with the protection, motivation and caring of the whole workforce. Kunouz Group International has a keen vision to be known as one of the best in its domain in Lebanon domestically and globally with the full trust and satisfaction of all its clients worldwide.

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